Notifications to Novela Homeowners by Date

May 24, 2016

Your Novela Board thought that a recent expenditure that was caused by lightning activity might be useful information. We share this with the idea that many don’t really understand how our HOA fees are allotted, beyond the portion reserved for lawn care maintenance.

On 5/18 Mainscape discovered that the irrigation timer had taken a power surge. This surge took out the controller. Once a new controller was installed, they could then test the wire path and field decoders. After almost a day of troubleshooting to find and isolate each failed decoder they found and replaced 10 failed decoders, 10 failed solenoids and 4 line surge devices. Repairs were completed and the irrigation system is functioning properly. The cost was $5,047.00

For those wondering, enhanced surge protection has been ordered. According to the director of irrigation for Mainscape, we were actually ahead of the curve in preventing problems. He wrote of Ken Bloom, our property manager, of KEB:

A couple years ago Ken approved Mainscape to add additional field ground rods and surge devices.  I feel if we had not done the additional grounding work, we could have lost even more field decoders during this past surge event.  — Greg Goddard, CLIA, FWSAP, Irrigation Operations Naples.

What is the budget impact of such an unpredictable event? Our Board Treasurer Chet Murawski explains:

“Account 7102 has a yearly Irrigation Repair budget of approximately $8000.  This is surely not routine maintenance and why we have Reserve accounts for extraordinary or unexpected expenditures.”

In other words, as a Board, we hope for the best but plan so we can recover from the unexpected.

May 16, 2016
Mainscape has told us that they will start hedge trimming tomorrow, Tuesday, May 17th and continue Wednesday, May 18th. They will follow this plan: they will begins at 14501 Speranza Way. The crew chief expects them to complete about 28 homes per day. They will start again on Tuesday, May 24th and finish on Wednesday, May 25th. Please keep in mind that the schedule is subject to change, due to weather and issues beyond Mainscape’s control. Thank you.
April 20, 2016

In the interests of keeping you informed, Mainscape has told us that the hedge trimming on Risorsa Place will start the afternoon of 4/20 and is expected to be completed 4/21. Speranza trimming has already begun. The Novela campus will be mowed on Friday.

The Novela HOA meeting on Tuesday 4/19 was primarily devoted to discussing what we can each expect from our bulk lawn maintenance contract with Mainscape. A report and guidance about best practices for interacting with Mainscape is in the works and the Board will get it out to you soon.

The goal is to create an update-able document that guides our expectations about what our HOA fees cover related to our foliage and grass.

Thanks for your patience as we craft that document.

Liz Matt
Novela Board

14598 Speranza Way

Bob Morrison, Novela Board President
April 4, 2016
The Mainscape contract calls for a bi-weekly mowing schedule during part of the year and weekly mowing when the grass grows more quickly.
This is to alert you that we are expected to have our lawns mowed at the end of this week — Thursday or Friday — and that weekly mowing schedule should resume after that.
On a related note, at our annual meeting on 3/29 a neighbor requested a clearer explanation of what we can expect from the Mainscape contract and how best to communicate concerns about our individual lawns. To that end, we are compiling a guide with that information and will email it to you before the end of April.
Liz Matt, Novela Board Secretary
On behalf of the Novela Neighborhood Board

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