Newsletter – End of Season 2016-17

Updates from Your Neighborhood Board

Landscaping updates and challenging weather for lawns & gardens –

Palmira lakeYour Board maintains close contact with our lawn care contractor 52-weeks of the year. In this exceptionally dry patch of weather, we have asked Mainscape how they are approaching the challenges of these conditions. Here are some updates from various operational departments of Mainscape.

  • From Mainscape’s agronomist:

We are continuing to see high germination rates of warm season weed species as we transition from winter to spring.  The first and second rounds of weed treatments carried out by the agronomy team have been effective at reducing infestations in most areas, especially in dense stands of turf.  There will naturally be more weeds in any areas that are thin, such as Bermuda that has gotten leggy and/or is in a semi-dormant state, or where turf is weakened since sunlight easily reaches the soil surface. Increasing temperatures are expected to exacerbate the extended drought we have experienced over the past several months, and we are likely to see underperforming landscapes. Weeds cannot be treated where turf is drought stressed without causing damage, however when the rainy season begins and turf recovers, these areas will once again be treated where necessary.  The good news is that weekly mowing schedules prevent many weeds from going to seed and promoting infestations.

  • From Mainscape’s irrigation operations:

Novela’s irrigation is done in four zones. Each one starts at midnight on specific days. Zones 1 and 3 run on the same schedule and zones 2 and 4 are on other days. The runtime per zone is approximately 15 minutes and at this time, we are permitted to irrigate three times per week. Mainscape is following the current Water Conservation Ordinance of the City of Bonita Springs. Here is a link on the city of Bonita Springs website on water restrictions.

 With the 6 month drought we have been in, we will most likely have to reduce the frequency of irrigation soon.  Lakes are getting very low also, as I’m sure you know.

 We have about 6 more weeks before we start seeing any regular rains.  Typically rainy season is triggered by average daily humidity at 80%.  We are now averaging around 70%.

  • The Board voted on April 11th to address occasional — but potentially serious — root instrusion from the hardwood trees on our streetscape. The presence of these trees is mandated by local code. Using a specialized arborist, the Board has a contract to trim all of those trees on an 18-month schedule; dangerous roots will be addressed, as needed, on a case-by-case basis.
  • All landscape issues and concerns need to go through KEB Management directly and email is the best course of action, to manage and track your concerns. Please do not contact or request directly with Mainscape. KEB email addresses are at the top of this newsletter.

 Roof Cleaning is about much more than a pretty streetscape – Health & Safety advisory

  • Mildew and algae do not grow directly on the tile. The accumulation of dust and other organic materials that settle are incubators for growth. When moisture and sunlight are present, spores can begin to grow. Roof buildup can degrade your roof, as well as wrap around the soffits and increase exposure to mold, mildew or black mold into your home.
  • These pix are from our own neighborhod. The second photo shows a beehive that has settled into a soffit.
  • We recommend that a professional roof cleaning company be used to clean your roof, so that you avoid the dangers associated with walking on or accessing a roof. Neighbors are encouraged to seek group discounts.
  • KEB management and the Novela homeowner’s association recommends two roof cleaning companies: Professional Home Services 239-433-4554 and McDonalds Home Care 239-393-6262.

 Please keep our streets safe…

  • The Board has received multiple requests to remind our neighbors of the 20 mph speed limit on Speranza Way and Risorsa Place. Observing the speed limit and stop signs keeps our neighborhood safe for our residents, which now includes small children and lots of pedestrians, runners, bikers and pets on leashes.

 Fun stuff and a “Save the Date” …FullSizeRender

  • The Board used our survey to determine that most residents enjoy meeting neighbors early in Season, as that has the potential to foster many months of friendly interaction.
  • The 2018 Novela party will be held Saturday, January 27, 2018 from 3 to 6 pm, with a similar format of BYO and shared appetizers and desserts
  • The 2018 location will be the RISORSA PLACE cul-de-sac.

    Survey get to know neighbors
    Here’s the survey result that most influenced the Board’s decision to keep the party in January

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