Irrigation upgrades in Novela

Novela HOA President Bob Morrison shared information about irrigation upgrades, that will be addressed community-wide in Novela after the rainy season:
Hello Novela Homeowners,
I have been working with Ken Bloom, Mark Grover, and Greg Goddard of Mainscape Irrigation Operations concerning Novela’s Irrigation system. Our goal is to greatly improve our irrigation distribution and save water. In 2014 Mainscape did similar work on our Novela front yards. Now our backyards need to be updated.
Today a lot of water is being blocked by plant material that reduces turf coverage. We will raise heads, lower heads, and straighten heads in every backyard. An important part of this project is that the stick risers that are in planter areas will be removed and install  6”pop up.  It looks much nicer than the stick risers. An additional improvement is installing 12” pop ups in shrubs. When completed this is beneficial in a couple ways. First is you will not see the stick risers and improve efficiency for irrigation coverage.  Also the hedge trimmers cannot cut them when they trim.
The Board has approved the proposal and with dry season coming (October) we will get these improvements completed. The cost does exceed our current Irrigation Repairs budget but we will cover this needed expense from our current cash surplus funds.
Your Novela Leadership Team believes that consistent communication empowers our Homeowners to be proud of our Novela Campus. We look forward to see everyone in the fall.
Bob Morrison 
Novela HOA President

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