Novela neighborhood – Hurricane Irma Cleanup Update ~ 9/23/17

Yes… it was THAT bad

Novela neighbors, the sign for our crossroads is still down as I write this. But Hurricane Irma cleanup in our community is moving forward at a considerable pace. We are hopeful you have received the regular reports from the Master Home Owners Association. This one is meant to circle you in on efforts by our Novela neighborhood board to get us the info we need to make our individual plans of action.

On Monday September 18, Bob Morrison, Mike Burke and Jim Chorley of our board performed a walk around inspection of all 109 homes in Novela. The goal was a basic visual exterior inspection to get the scope of how our individual neighborhood weathered Hurricane Irma.

  • Overall: In brief, of the 109 Novela Properties there were only 10 that had no obvious exterior damage (no tree, lanai, roof, or other visible damage). That’s 9.1% of homes.
  • Lanai Cage damage: Most significant is the lanai cage damage noted. 79 properties had damage — 72.5% of properties. At least 4 lanais were destroyed or suffered frame collapse. Screen loss was the most typical lanai cage damage.
  • Roof Tile damage: They observed loose or missing tiles on 55 properties —50.5% of Novela. Roof damage cannot be verified and each homeowner’s vendor should arrange for a qualified contractor to inspect their roof.
  • Trees: There are 22 trees down or badly damaged in Novela, and debris is also prevalent in streets. At least 4 homes had trees on their homes.

We urge everyone off property to be in contact with his or her homewatch service or some other trusted individual to take photos you may need for insurance considerations.

Debris collection happening daily

Mainscape is managing the shrubs and low plants and has done a great job of re-staking smaller trees that were bent but are still healthy. Anchor Tree Service (outside specialist on tree management) is handling the hardwoods and large trees, and most of the large pieces have been removed. Stump grinding management will happen after general cleanup.

Your pool service should make a prudent assessment of how debris may affect filters. Naturally, a lot of stuff has blown into pools that have lost screening.

There are contractors working all over the neighborhood but it’s important to make arrangements to “get on the list” for your favored suppliers because there’s more work than there are contractors to handle quickly.

Patience and good will serves us all. We in Palmira have done remarkably well given the proximity of the hurricane’s path. A ride just a mile down the road will bring into sharp focus that our surrounding community of low-lying homes has experienced devastation. Many with Bonita addresses are currently homeless.

We will recover. Thanks for your part in getting us started.

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