Novela Board Newsletter – Oct. 27, 2017

Update on Speranza and Risorsa uprooted hardwood trees caused by Hurricane Irma

 Our HOA President Bob Morrison sends this notification:

I have met with Ken Bloom of Management Company KEB and Mark Grover of Mainscape. We have agreed to the following: The Novela Association will pay for a 25-gallon tree replacement, per our By-Laws. If the Homeowner wants a larger tree they will need to contact Mainscape CSR and make a request. At that point, Mark Grover will talk to the homeowner and invoice the homeowner for the difference. A replacement is approximately a 25 gallon tree average cost is $300, about 2-3” caliper and about 10’ tall.

Only some of our residents are aware that the hardwood trees on each Novela property are required by the City of Bonita Springs. These are the varieties that will be planted by Mainscape. If a homeowner wants to request a different variety of hardwood that is structurally similar to the tree that toppled, a request can be made to the Novela board. If approved by the Board, the cost-sharing noted above would apply.

 Fun stuff / “Save the Date”FullSizeRender

  • The Board used our survey to determine that most residents enjoy meeting neighbors early in Season, as that has the potential to foster many months of friendly interaction.
  • The 2018 Novela party will be held Saturday, January 13, 2018 from 4 to 7 pm, with a similar format of BYO and shared appetizers and desserts
  • The 2018 location will be the RISORSA PLACE cul-de-sac.
  • A prior suggested date, later in January, has been changed to the one listed above.

Here is a link to the latest Mainscape newsletter, which describes what residents can expect in turf management in the dry days ahead following such an abundance of rainfall.

Mainscape October 2017 Newsletter[1]

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