Brief updates from your Neighborhood Board: 2018 budget / weeding & trimming / volunteers needed for January party

  • The 2018 Novela HOA Budget was approved at the recent HOA Board meeting held on Wednesday, November 22.
  • Novela weeding begins tomorrow (Monday, November 27, 2017) to be completed before the new mulch is put down the second week of December. Also, trimming starts this week.
  • WE NEED VOLUNTEERS for the annual neighborhood party to take place January 13, 2018. (Raindate the 14th)
    • Typically, one or two people put leaflets in all of the mailboxes and/or doorways in the weeks before the party, to remind neighbors of the time and location and alert renters and guests (who are MOST welcome!)
    • A volunteer typically helps purchase party paper, “My Name Is…” tags and the markers that are available at the party.
    • A few people are needed a couple of hours in advance of the party to set up tables we use for the food buffet, organize ice chests and party paper and set up trash and recycling stations.
    • ANYONE WHO IS ABLE TO HELP is requested to email Bob Morrison at

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