Novela March 2018 Newsletter

Novela Bulletin (originally sent via email by KEB)
March 26, 2018

Novela Board Contacts:
President: Doug OConnell
Vice-President: Russ Standlee
Secretary: Brian Shea
Treasurer: Jim Chorley

KEB Management Company contacts:
Ken Bloom, KEB:
Susan Palmer, KEB:

Bulletin from Your Novela Neighborhood Board
Novela – Elections as five positions were open and only three homeowners self-nominated (Doug OConnell & Russ Standlee) and one has since withdrawn, no formal election was required. The board also nominated Jim Chorley, Brian Shea (see above contacts.) We thank previous president, Bob Morrison who left Novela in excellent financial condition with no 2018 increase in quarterly assessments and no Novela specific IRMA assessment. Bob is now a board member on the Palmira Golf and Country Club.

For more details please reference the attached PDF newsletter:

Novela Bulletin March 2018 Final


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